Approval of KickStart@HM funding for Hebio, ROBOTe, SALGI and Boost it

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Together with our start-ups, we are delighted to have received KickStart@HM funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for our start-up teams Hebio (The intelligent logistics solution for your warehouse), ROBOTe (A perfect surface every time) SALGI (Sustainable water desalination with algae) and Boost it (Electrify your bike in minutes).

As part of the KickStart@HM funding, particularly innovative research ideas are supported with a material budget of up to €7,500, support through advice and access to the "StartUpLab" premises. In the case of our three teams, this means an incubator extension of 3 months.

We introduce you to the exciting ideas of our teams.

The Hebio team has noticed that a lot is currently happening in the logistics sector. More and more companies are trying to automate their warehouses, but there are no solutions on the market that are small and use standard European pallets. That's why they decided to continue their mechatronics project from their university classes, in which they developed a sub-pallet robot. Their system consists of two autonomous forks that work together to move a pallet from one place to another. This gives customers the opportunity to automate their warehouse and make better use of space by bringing all storage locations closer together.

ROBOTe Industrial develops systems for the automated surface treatment of complex geometries for mold making.
When using metal molds, their surface quality in the area of the later visible surfaces of the end product is a decisive quality feature. Until now, surface treatments in mold making have had to be carried out manually by skilled workers under unergonomic conditions at great expense. With the help of a combination of robotics and AI, these processes can be offered more cost-effectively and effectively.

Although more than 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water, the lack of clean drinking water is one of the most pressing resource conflicts. In fact, only 2.5% of all water is available as fresh water and this is mostly in economically strong regions with a favorable climate. SALGI's aim is to counteract this water shortage, but not by using energy-intensive and environmentally harmful processes. They rely on biological processes that have developed over many years. They cultivate algae in salt water which, due to their properties, continuously absorb salt and thus convert salt water into clean water.

Boost it
Boost It is the next logical step in e-mobility. With their easy-to-install electrification kit, they make the benefits of electric transportation accessible to every cyclist and almost every bike. They offer an affordable and sustainable alternative to conventional e-bikes, opening the door to electric transportation for everyone. Their vision is to radically democratize the mobility landscape, whether urban or rural, and make it more accessible. Why settle for less when the future of transportation is just a 'boost' away?

We wish the teams all the best and look forward to accompanying you on your exciting journey.

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