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Target groups

Students and graduates of all universities as well as professionals or prospective founders without a degree programme


a university entrance qualification and the completion of a multi-stage selection process


24-week accelerator programme


Half-yearly, starting in January and July.

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Dynamic Innovations Campus

DICA stands for Dynamic Innovation Campus - Drinks, Food, Tech. It is the accelerator program and innovation ecosystem of the beverage industry.

B2B co-creation and innovation community.

The goal of the program is to accelerate startups and established companies. DICA innovation partners accelerate their business development in strategic areas and startups accelerate their development by collaborating with established players.

All DICA participants become part of the DICA community, which shares innovation momentum beyond B2B co-creation. Whether new blockchain technologies, innovative handling of digital applications, revolutionary process innovations or products, as long as your idea has application in the beverage industry, there is potential for acceleration and co-creation here.

Program Sequence

  • Online application
  • Pre-Matching Workshop on B2B Co-Creation for selected start-ups with identifiable B2B co-creation potential.
  • Matching event: First, mutual acquaintance and inclusion of the start-ups in the next DICA batch.
  • Sounding phase: concretization of the co-creation potential with the support of an experienced co-creation facilitator
  • B2B Co-Creation Acceleration: Start-up phase of the co-creation process, accompanied by an experienced B2B Co-Creation Facilitator.

With the inclusion in the DICA Batch, we provide you with innovation partners from the industry for intensive exchange and possible collaboration.

Our Philosophy

DICA is a starting point. From this point, innovative developments in the industry are to be actively accompanied and accelerated with openness and a cooperative spirit. We deliberately want to create a space where experiments and new partnership models can be thought of and carried out for both start-ups and established companies. With the methods of start-up development and the approaches of co-creation, completely new paths can be taken and essential questions about the future design of the beverage industry can be addressed in the process. Bridging the gap between established players and start-ups is a key element in addressing issues such as

  • societal change, e.g. in the area of consumer behavior or population structure,
  • the challenges of digitalization or
  • the demand for sustainable action

sustainable action.

More info on the Dynamic Innovation Campus:


Dr. Malaika Fischer Education
Entrepreneurship E-Learning Program Manager

T: 089 1265 3277

Since mid-April 2022, Malaika Fischer has been senior consultant for e-learning in the AGORA project, which is funded by the DAAD to expand the range of digital courses in the context of entrepreneurship in the areas of health, AI and energy.

After the bachelor's degree, she did a master's degree and a PHD at JLU Giessen and the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Malaika then headed the research and development department of a private brewery for 10 years and was able to gain a lot of experience in interdisciplinary project management, innovation and creative tools as well as intrapreneurship. She was also allowed to accompany the digital transformation of the family business, which inspired her to do the MBA degree "Digital Transformation", which she is currently studying on the side.

Nico Reger SCE Projects GmbH
Consultant & Co-Creation Manager

T: 089 1265 3200


Since mid-2023, Nico has been working as a Consultant in the area of Co-Creation for Start-up-Corporate collaborations at the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship. After completing his education and earning a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Music Business, Nico independently advised content creators and businesses in the fields of Social Media and business model development.

Michael Hack Head of Corporate Development

T: +49 89 1265 3236

M: +49 174 8386565


Michael Hack, Dipl.Wirt.Ing., is head of Corporate Development at the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE).

Michael graduated as an industrial engineer from Stuttgart Media University. After many years as an entrepreneur in the printing industry, he sold his printing companies in order to look for new challenges. He is now focused on promoting education, training, innovation and entrepreneurship. In his own management consultancy for strategy and marketing, he helped young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

With publications in leading printing magazines and print media issues in the field and as an expert in strategy and marketing, he has an established reputation in the printing industry. He is also a speaker at conferences and events.

Michael's main areas of focus are the promotion of economic relationships, the sponsors and patrons of the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and the development of a new culture of education.