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All SCE Start-ups - Start-up League & Alumni

The start-ups currently supported at SCE together form the Start-up League. After the completion of the funding, they become part of our alumni network.

For more information visit the SCE Startup Portfolio of Munich Startup powered by Dealroom.
SCE Startup Portfolio



PIONIERKRAFT enables the sharing of self-generated energy with neighborhood households with a new, innovative solution.

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Pixories combines the haptic quality of printed photo books with the added value of digital media formats.

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PKUP - Order your breakfast on the go!

PKUP is an app that lets you order your breakfast on the go: With this simple idea, the team at PKUP wants to…

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playd - Your own free live radio show

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Previondo is a digital health startup that is developing "Smokify," a digital smoking cessation solution.

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Project company

Project company offers career and study guidance in practical projects.

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Paper punch as noble and innovative as never before. The designer product Punchline works with a unique lever system and is intended to be an…

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Punkki Brush

PUNKKI Brush – For a clean, healthy and sustainable solution against ticks.


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At Puppet, our enhanced language model service assists organizations and individuals facing hurdles in accessing specialized and archived knowledge.

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Puray - self-disinfecting catheter to prevent infections

Urinary tract infections caused by catheters are among the most common hospital-acquired…

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querfeld - Your subscription to saving food

querfeld develops a marketing strategy for out-of-norm fruit & vegetables with minor aesthetic flaws.

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R2X Labs

At R2X Labs, our comprehensive online platform aids educators struggling with outdated robotics curricula and the high costs of lab equipment.

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Rapitag - Unlock a frictionless anit-theft experience.

Rapitag is the first smart EAS anti-theft solution for brick-and-mortar non-food retail.

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Re-Tire - Safe. Sustainable. Inexpensive. Your marketplace for tested used tires.

Re-Tire is a marketplace for inspected used tires, which avoids the…

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At Reachaus, we aim to make sure “Best service providers Reach your home”.

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With the help of artificial intelligence, the ReadNext AI suggests suitable articles for the reader to read further.

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Relevo offers a smart deposit-free reusable to-go solution. Participating partner restaurants pay using a pay-per-use model, i.e. only according to…

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REMAsoft has developed a software solution that automatically plans projects and resources.

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Ridetronic - Perfect combination of elegant bike and powerful e-bike.

Ridetronic's featherweight e-bike with innovative TronicDrive drive ideally…

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RisingFoil is a supplier of electric propulsion systems for the water sports sector.

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