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SCE Startup Portfolio


PIONIERKRAFT enables the sharing of self-generated energy with neighborhood households with a new, innovative solution.

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PKUP - Order your breakfast on the go!

PKUP is an app that lets you order your breakfast on the go: With this simple idea, the team at PKUP wants to…

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playd - Your own free live radio show

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Previondo is a digital health startup that is developing "Smokify," a digital smoking cessation solution.

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Paper punch as noble and innovative as never before. The designer product Punchline works with a unique lever system and is intended to be an…

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querfeld - Your subscription to saving food

querfeld develops a marketing strategy for out-of-norm fruit & vegetables with minor aesthetic flaws.

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Rapitag - Unlock a frictionless anit-theft experience.

Rapitag is the first smart EAS anti-theft solution for brick-and-mortar non-food retail.

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Re-Tire - Safe. Sustainable. Inexpensive. Your marketplace for tested used tires.

Re-Tire is a marketplace for inspected used tires, which avoids the…

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With the help of artificial intelligence, the ReadNext AI suggests suitable articles for the reader to read further.

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Ridetronic - Perfect combination of elegant bike and powerful e-bike.

Ridetronic's featherweight e-bike with innovative TronicDrive drive ideally…

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RisingFoil is a supplier of electric propulsion systems for the water sports sector.

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Riverwaveproject - Whether river or canal, we build the perfect wave. In your city.

The Wavemaker 3000 is a construction that creates a standing wave…

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ROKIN - The Tinder for Technology Matchmaking

ROKIN is an online platform that uses crawling algorithms to automatically collect information about…

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santic delivers the 21st century digital trade show experience to event organizers. the team delivers a digital trade show platform that allows event…

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SCREAM GENETIC - We are different!

We are different! The fitness community that doesn't reduce you to your body: SCREAM GENETIC - the unique Munich…

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SKI NAVI is a navigation system for the ski slope.

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Sophisticated Space Structures

Sophisticated Space Structures - Additive Manufacturing in Space

Sophisticated Space Structures aims to develop a 3D printing unit that will enable…

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SOS@Home links victims of domestic violence with existing help and support services.

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Spacesharing - rooms on demand

spacesharing is an online marketplace for the procurement of temporary commercial spaces. This includes conference and…

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SponsorMio - Authentic Marketing with Real Heroes

SponsorMio is the new platform for authentic marketing. It connects adventurous people - their…

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