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Everyone is happy to receive gifts. The joy is all the greater when another surprise awaits the recipient: a personal video message.

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Freeletics is an online community that provides its members with high-intensity, full-body workout programs without additional weights or machines.

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FTAPI offers a solution for secure and simple data communication for companies.

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funcoo is an attachment for the bike rack with which you can carry your drinks to any place.

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Future Weeks

Future Weeks- Working together for a sustainable business

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GasVisor - Smart Gas Ordering System

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GIG "green as a bike, comfy as a car - the new way of city mobility".

The GIG combines the advantages of the bicycle with the comfort of the…

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Greenlist – What you buy can change the world

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gutfeel is a market research-as-a-service platform to make market research and testing fast, easy and efficient for companies in the FMCG industry.

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H+Y for Innovation

H+Y for Innovation - The H+Y nano air conditioning system can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

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Hello.Mirrors - Advertising space on smart mirrors

Hello.Mirros offer innovative advertising space on smart mirrors. Their vision is to increase the…

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Herr Tillmann

HerrTillmann - Our cuddly monkey

Herr Tillmann stands for tolerance, appreciation and joie de vivre. Mr. Tillmann pursues the mission to draw…

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HiCrypto - Individual Crypto Profile Analyses

HiCrypto offers automated and customized portfolio analyses to private investors in the cryptocurrency…

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Hoftheke offers a virtual marketplace for regional products. Producers of agricultural products can present themselves and their goods in a profile…

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Holidu is a search engine for vacation homes and apartments that allows you to find the perfect accommodation and book it at the lowest price.

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HoliRate - How green is your trip?

Our idea is a rating platform that analyzes travel based on sustainability criteria and makes it easier for…

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HOLY Energy

HOLY Energy - The reinvention of the energy drink for your gaming sessions. The new gaming booster!

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honopū is a startup that designs bottles and containers of all kinds with a new screw cap plastic-free and ecological for brand manufacturers, retail…

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Hotel Check

The Hotel Check team is developing a business intelligence system for the sustainability management and marketing of accommodation establishments.

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