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All SCE Start-ups - Start-up League & Alumni

The start-ups currently supported at SCE together form the Start-up League. After the completion of the funding, they become part of our alumni network.

For more information visit the SCE Startup Portfolio of Munich Startup powered by Dealroom.
SCE Startup Portfolio



Heuß has developed an innovative product 'Hangeuß' to help students deal with cluttered rooms and lost objects.

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HiCrypto - Individual Crypto Profile Analyses

HiCrypto offers automated and customized portfolio analyses to private investors in the cryptocurrency…

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Holidu is a search engine for vacation homes and apartments that allows you to find the perfect accommodation and book it at the lowest price.

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HoliRate - How green is your trip?

Our idea is a rating platform that analyzes travel based on sustainability criteria and makes it easier for…

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HOLY Energy

HOLY Energy - The reinvention of the energy drink for your gaming sessions. The new gaming booster!

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honopū is a startup that designs bottles and containers of all kinds with a new screw cap plastic-free and ecological for brand manufacturers, retail…

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hyperdrives - keeping electric motors cool

hyperdrives has developed electric motors with greatly improved cooling. The coolant is fed directly…

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i3-Earth - Make it yours

i3-Earth is a Web3 startup that has big visions in identity, ownership and utility, creating a new space in the NFT sector…

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Icenine is a new way of enjoying cocktails. It describes bite-sized ice cubes that are hollow inside and filled with an alcoholic beverage.

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At ILMAZU, our app helps artists, creatives, and those connected to the arts build sustainable audiences and access spaces and resources on their…

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jesango becomes the first shopping community for fair fashion and sustainable lifestyle.

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JobNinja - Your new job is only 1 click away!

JobNinja is the digital and disruptive solution to close the gap between job seekers, especially…

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Kalia is the Mental Health Companion for breast cancer patients in app format.

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Crunchy Straw - is a sugar-free edible drinking straw.

Made from only three ingredients, vegan and of course sustainable. The ideal crunchy fun not…

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The healthy and delicious soda alternative. #schadelimonade

Kombuchery is on a mission to change the way people refresh themselves and revolutionize…

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KTW Technology

Sustainability and efficiency enhancement in the beverage industry

In line with our SpaceTech4PlanetEarth vision, we transfer innovations from space…

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kultamour is an online platform where people get to know each other through a common interest in culture and the booking of an event.

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LaGaCon – The adventurous way to learn a foreign language fluently 

LaGaCon is a new developed serious game concept that combines learning a foreign…

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Landheld – Find all local products near you

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Leabell - Find trendy jewelry easily online

Women who try to dress according to the ever-changing fashion trends often face the problem of not…

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