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The start-ups currently supported at SCE together form the Start-up League. After the completion of the funding, they become part of our alumni network.

For more information visit the SCE Startup Portfolio of Munich Startup powered by Dealroom.
SCE Startup Portfolio



enna - We make the Internet possible for everyone.

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With 'enter', your location becomes more than an anonymous neighborhood.

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Entust - The digital marketplace for passion and learning

Entust is a peer-to-peer sharing economy platform that helps talents and passion seekers…

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etaEM - The future of inductive charging

etaEM is a technology start-up project that delivers an innovative approach to wireless power transfer or…

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Instead of maintaining and updating information multiple times on all relevant interfaces, they create a way to efficiently publish all channels…

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FAZUA (formerly evation) is developing a next-generation bicycle. It should be able to accommodate a bottom bracket or an electric drive and thus…

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feastr - Eating healthy has never been this easy.

feastr is your personal digital nutrition plan for losing weight, gaining weight or simply eating…

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Feierabenglück - The bio gift bag that secures organic farmland.

Feierabendglück is a bio gift bag sold to companies for their employees. It contains…

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FLIZZ - The 'smart' Check24 for bikes


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The predictive maintenance platform for process flows

Flowsight develops software for intelligent process optimization through predictive maintenance…

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Flveo develops and operates automated cooking machines to make healthy meals available around the clock, easily accessible and more affordable.

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Freeletics is an online community that provides its members with high-intensity, full-body workout programs without additional weights or machines.

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funcoo is an attachment for the bike rack with which you can carry your drinks to any place.

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Future Weeks

Future Weeks- Working together for a sustainable business

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GasVisor - Smart Gas Ordering System

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GeoInsights revolutionizes location search by prioritizing customer-specific criteria.

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GIG "green as a bike, comfy as a car - the new way of city mobility".

The GIG combines the advantages of the bicycle with the comfort of the…

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Greenlist – What you buy can change the world

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GROWTACK is the AI based coaching app that uses sports challenges to help ambitious, sporty women strengthen courage and self-confidence for their…

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