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All SCE Start-ups - Start-up League & Alumni

All start-ups currently supported at SCE together form the Start-up League. After the completion of the funding, they become part of our alumni network.



numi. – smart and easy product take back


numi. offers a SaaS solution that enables consumer good brands to set up smart and user-friendly take back…

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Point Twelve Energy

Point Twelve Energy – The single touch point for H2 producers to manage green certification.


Point Twelve Energy supports the commercial success of…

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puppet – creating augmented reality

There is no software that allows easy creation of AR content. We decided to create our own application with the…

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Simple Crypto

Simple Crypto – A gamified app-course on sound money technology

App-Learning GmbH is an app development enterprise focused on gamified e-learning for…

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Sportana – Bringing people together through a love for sport


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Starkwasser is an alcohol-infused, bubbly water with a slightly sweet-tart taste, making it the perfect alternative between beer and sweet mixed…

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Tillify – individual photorealistic wall art from self made pictures with LEGO bricks by using an app

The app enables you to get every picture as an…

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