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All SCE Start-ups - Start-up League & Alumni

The start-ups currently supported at SCE together form the Start-up League. After the completion of the funding, they become part of our alumni network.

For more information visit the SCE Startup Portfolio of Munich Startup powered by Dealroom.
SCE Startup Portfolio



CanLife - Chill Out Drinks with Kush Terpenes in a Marketing Concept with a Rap Star

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CargoRest is a steplessly adjustable cargo bike headrest for children.

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Catify is a platform that allows companies to integrate partners and external applications, such as databases or ERP systems, into their processes…

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cellva ingredients – Better ingredients that cultivate the future


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Cents'n'Homes is a service that provides comprehensive services for real estate investors.

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Across Property – smart data network

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Checkademia - Get inspired, find your passion!

Checkademia is the AI-based study choice coach that helps prospective students discover their passion…

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Child Care Academy

The development of an Internet platform for the education, training and continuing education of pedagogical staff with a focus on "Learning on…

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Child Care Company

Child Care is a childcare facility that offers many additional services such as pick-up, babysitting and childminder services with flexible opening…

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CircON - Circular packaging on demand

CircON offers closed-loop packaging solutions for "to-go" applications to reduce packaging waste in urban waste…

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circularpopup - flexibly adaptable circular economy hubs.

The greatest challenges of our time can never be solved by one person or organization alone…

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Clearchain - Safer and quicker tracking system for agri-food companies

Clearchain is a blockchain-based tracking system. We tackle the critical…

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clew - Click, click and your boots sit perfectly in the binding. Ready to ride!

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With its 360-degree sustainability solution, Climanu supports small businesses and private individuals in taking credible climate protection measures.

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Clipscreen offers companies and retailers an innovative advertising concept that presents emotional and informative advertising messages in an…

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Clonck - a cross-platform web application designed specifically for car repairmen, covering the complete process of independent vehicle repair.

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Our co-ideas platform helps innovators to network with others in order to exchange ideas.

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ComCapital is developing a 2-sided marketplace with a focus on existing properties.

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Compas Solutions

Compas Solutions - develops digital models which brings simplicity in complex products

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ComplyMarket – a centralized platform that enables buyers & suppliers to find product compliant components & materials


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