Current Teams of the Start-up League

Under the SCE funding program, teams receive more intensive coaching and are inducted into the Start-up League. These teams also have access to financial and material resources, facilities and the infrastructure fo MUAS.

This six-month support program features an intermediate evaluation after three months as well as a final evaluation.

Continuing education offerings are available as well during the support phase in addition to consuting, and entrepreneurs also get office space in downtown Munich with the necessary infrastructure and project-related respources (e.g. prototypes, patents, certifications), approved on a case-by-case basis. The SCE provides assistance to continue the project after the support phase ends (for example by applying for government grants).

All these services are provided free of charge. This program receivessupport from the Federal Minsitry fo Economics and Technology and the SCE, which is funded by the Falk F. Strascheg Foundation.

In total, the Start-up League comprises approximately 20 teams which are funded by the Start-up Certificate (formerly Proto-Support Program), an EXIST-founders-scholarship or EXIST-research-transfer.


ContainerGrid is an SaaS solution for process optimization inside waste logistics providers. Its use facilitates communication and documentation processes in order management across the 3 main stakeholders of the order lifecycle, waste producers, order administrator and truck driver. In consequence, a so called "skip hires" can increase its revenue by 20%. Currently, the team focuses on small- to medium-sized companies up to 150 employees.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate /


Kboss sells vegan and luxury cocoa-based spreads. The texture of Kboss is smooth. A delicious peanut butter is added at the end of production. The product is sold in an elegant glass. As players in the vegan, organic and healthy trend, we want to participate in the diet change of all our customers.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate




SKI NAVI is a navigation system for the ski slope. We take care that your ski day becomes less stressful and you can concentrate on what gives you the greatest joy on a beautiful day on the slopes - skiing or snowboarding itself.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


The GoldenDataFactory is offering a smart machine vision solution for the manufacturing industry. Our machine vision software enables cameras to truly "see" its environment and therefore enable factory automation in uncertain conditions.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


Newgate is developing a comprehensive AI-powered data analytics platform for financial institutions, providing deep insights into market, news and fundamental data, helping to reduce risks and increase returns while seamlessly integrating into existing IT systems.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


drive&act rewards sustainable mobility! Through their connected car data, users collect virtual coins in the drive&act app. The integrated rewards shop incentivizes to drive more sustainably, save costs through lower consumption and maintenance, and enables car owners who rely on individual mobility to travel more sustainably.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


„Ride your drinks!“

…whether for doing the weekly grocery, the way to the next party or a relaxing day with friends in the park. Funcoo is your high-quality attachment for the bicycle rack, which allows you to easily transport your drinks just anywhere you want by bike. Assembled in just three steps, you can hang up your beverage crates on just one or both sides and start cycling immediately. Finding a parking space and dragging boxes turns into a fun and relaxed bike tour - without any CO2 emissions! With funcoo you can leave your car behind and thereby contribute to climate protection.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate

Electric Flytrain

Electric Flytrain develops electric powertrains for aircraft.

We leverage our expertise regarding electrification from the automotive industry and develop turn-key electric powertrain systems for the aviation industry. As a supplier to aircraft manufacturers, we enable the next generation fo electric aircraft

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


The system-toy BUDDI gives children the freedom to play in a creative way. Different elements can be put together to get the perfect combination for every occasion.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


adconomy is an affordable and effective method of micro-influencer marketing. The B2B solution is attractive for companies from start-ups to large brands, as it makes it easy to get started in social media marketing and gives even well-known brands a boost in reach on a very personal level.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


CyFract is dedicated to one of the most important global challenges: water supply. We are developing a new type of uniflow hydrocyclone. The patented CyFract technology represents an innovation leap in cyclone separation. In existing cyclones, particles are separated by centrifugal forces. Beyond this state of the art, CyFract uses the more dominant fluid forces. In consequence, CyFract is an unique approach to separate suspended particles from water. The separation is achieved by a specially drawn flow tube in combination with a center body. Our system will realize the pre-cleaning of sea water in desalination plants cost-efficient, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. We are going to enter the market with a self-produced drop-in system with a capacity of 10 m3/h.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate

Deployables Cubed

In space, the trend goes towards small and standardized satellites, allowing economic access to space. The small size of these satellites is also limiting greatly the missions that the satellite can fulfill. A way around this limitation is the use of deployable structures like appendices, antennas or sails which are unfolded once in orbit allowing new high-performance applications that are currently only possible with larger satellites. To tackle this problem, the Munich based new space company Deployables Cubed develops miniature actuators and deployables with the goal to achieve Europe’s non-dependence on these miniature actuators and the deployables they enable. Furthermore, the team of Deployables Cubed GmbH is using their heritage in inflatable structure to design novel kind of decelerators for planetary aerobraking and landing for also bigger spacecrafts.

Funding Status: Start-up Certificate, EXIST


Pigtie provides you with the first step to grow your financial self. Their Micro Investing solution helps you to automatically invest your spare change and easily integrate financial planning into your everyday life.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate

Herr Tillmann

Our cuddly monkey Mr. Tillmann stands for tolerance, respect and joy. Mr. Tillmann's mission is to draw attention to the work of people with disabilities and to sensitize parents and children to the topic of inclusion. 
The label does this through high-quality, fair-produced products manufactured by people with disabilities and through continuous brand building in online retailing. Thus, not only do workshops for people with disabilities experience a long-term increase in production, but buyers also receive valuable and sustainable products that should not be missing in any child's room.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


PUNCH OUT your potential!

Welcome to our DIGITAL DOJO!

You will learn how to control your mind, your emotions, your body.

You will meet like-minded people, accompanying you on your journey to YOU 2.0.

You will make friends, you will find inner peace, you will grow stronger than you could have ever imagined.

Train with us and the rest of the pack on- and offline.

Learn to punch out your potential and join us on the forefront of the war against stress, physical degradation and loneliness.

See you on the battlefield we call life

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


Using artificial intelligence, the ReadNext AI suggests suitable articles to the reader for further reading.  Online news platforms and blogs can easily integrate the ReadNext-KI to keep the reader longer on the platform by suggesting relevant articles. Billing is done via Pay-Per-Use as a recommendation-as-a-service.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


WYE stands for customizable as well as sustainable design experiences & statement pieces - that make every apartment, every workplace and every café something special.

Our innovative material Neolign® sets new ecological standards: based on 83% renewable raw materials, upcycling of the by-product wood chip and recycling of the products in a unique "cradle-to-cradle" cycle.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


lamiloo offers pharmacies in Germany a new service platform for sale, consultation and delivery of medicines. The service platform combines IT and pharmacy-specific logistics services. Through integration into the pharmacy's processes and intelligent route planning, lamiloo can realize same-day delivery 3 hours after order. In addition, lamiloo offers a plannable time window delivery. Pharmacists increase their sales significantly, as they can still convert unavailable medicines into additional sales.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate


AniCen creates products with animal-centric design for an animal-friendly & pawsome life! This means that in addition to the needs of the human customer (owner), the needs of the user (animal) are just as important.

Our initial product is the first dog transport solution for cars that offers crash-tested safety and maximum comfort for humans and dogs and can be used with all rational dog-car combinations. Additionally, it will be the first solution in the market that includes a smart component to monitor the relevant parameters of the dog’s environment and to adjust it automatically if they deviate from the ideal state.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate, FLÜGGE


Clonck is a cross-platform web application developed specifically for grease monkeys, which covers the complete process of self-assisted vehicle repair. The application offers the original repair manuals of the various vehicle manufacturers. This means that all common repair work, from a simple wheel change, to the replacement of a wing mirror or brake pads, can be carried out autonomously and safely. In addition to the repair manuals, Clonck includes a marketplace for the purchase and sale of car parts.

Funding status: FLÜGGE


cStream manufactures innovative fluid pumps and compressors with a higher performance in terms of weight and volume compared to conventional pumps and compressors.   

This innovation enables cStream to increase the range of electric vehicles, equip mobile delivery robots with cooling systems and to improve the life quality of diabetes patients with tiny insulin pumps.

Funding status: Start-up Certificate, EXIST