Current Teams of Start-up-League

Under the SCE Proto-Support Program, teams receive more intensive coaching and are inducted into the Start-up-League. These teams also have access to financial and material resources, facilities and the infrastructure fo MUAS.

This six-month support program features an intermediate evaluation after three months as well as a final evaluation.

Continuing education offerings are available as well during the support phase in addition to consuting, and entrepreneurs also get office space in downtown Munich with the necessary infrastructure and project-related respources (e.g. prototypes, patents, certifications), approved on a case-by-case basis. The SCE provides assistance to continue the project after the support phase ends (for example by applying for government grants).

All these services are provided free of charge. This program receivessupport from the Federal Minsitry fo Economics and Technology and the SCE, which is funded by the Falk F. Strascheg Foundation.

In total, the Start-up-League comprises approximately 20 teams which are funded by the Proto-Support Program, an EXIST-founders-scholarship or EXIST-research-transfer.



PROMORAIL (Proto-Support Program)

We would like to influence purchasing decisions at the point of sale in the classical retail trade, with dynamic & intelligent advertisement on cloud-linked mini-displays. The battery powered display units can be used with individualized advertisement in cashes, shopping trolleys and shelves. Using long-term information like purchase behaviour, position of the displays, and time of day affects the choice of the advertising insertion.

Room W-1.10


TrainYourTeam (Proto-Support Program)

TrainYourTeam is an app which allows for the removal of running sessions from team training. This enables the team’s players to complete their running sessions on their own time, giving the coach the ability to focus on the other elements of training. In the app the coach can provide a workout anytime, everywhere for his team or single players. The app gathers distance, tempo, burnt calories and altitude.


PKUP (Proto-Support Program)

pkup is the globally leading pre-order service for fast-moving consumer goods. pkup offers an easy and efficient pre-order service that perfectly fits into the urban lifestyle of digital mobility. Through a data-driven consumer-focus, we analyze and predict consumer behavior to offer truly individualized click-and-collect experiences. pkup strives to become the most convenient pre-order service for the consumer.

Room W-1.15


APICBEAM (Proto-Support Program)

APICBEAM provides a truly revolutionary display technology with three unique features: We liberate images from surfaces and combine all visual information on a one-dimensional display. We create free-floating, hologram-like visuals in mid-air. Our patented set-up automatically arranges all images and videos for all viewers simultaneously at relatively low costs. This 360°-visibility cannot be achieved by any other technology today! We ultimately want to enable communication technologies that allow unprecedented collaborative and immersive viewing experiences in our future.

Room W-1.09b

Ridetronic (Proto-Support Program)

With the add-on kit, Ridetronic, every conventional bicycle can be easily and quickly transformed into a full E-Bike. Our innovative battery technology allows maximum efficiency with minimal additional weight. Thanks to the perfect integration of the propulsion components, the classic bicycle design is also preserved completely after the modification. With the specially developed app, the engine support can be varied. Battery data as well as different driving modes can be customized and saved for later use. The bicycle battery can also be used as a mobile energy source.

Room W-1.09a

D OPENER(Proto-Support Program)

You have an innovative product and want to market it quickly, so that you have enough advantage over your competitors. We help you with market entry and market expansion - whether you are a startup or an established company. D OPENER opens the doors to your potential new customers thanks to selected market experts.

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Tozy (Proto-Support Program)

One coat, endlessly styles! Thanks to Tozy every woman can be her own designer. The interchangeable design elements of the Tozy trench coat can be assembled differently over and over again. No matter the fashion trend or the weather, Tozy will be your favorite garment.

Room W-1.20

Orthofy (Proto-Support Program)

Orthofy revolutionizes braces and prosthesis production via 3D printing technology. We employ specialized 3D scanners to complete this process. Engineers and professional forces utilize this high level of automation so they can concentrate upon their major task – the customer advisory service.

Hello.Mirrors (Proto-Support Program)

We offer innovative advertising surfaces on Smart-Mirrors. Our vision is to raise the functionality of the mirror by representing digital contents without losing the traditional function of the mirror – the reflection. Using interactive advertising contents we allow our customers to market their products and services even more efficiently.

Room W-1.16

Rapitag (Proto-Support Program)

rapitag is the first smart EAS anti-theft device for brick and mortar retail stores. The rapitag is fastened on the product and with his smartphone the customer can pay and remove the EAS device from the product at any time in the store. The product itself becomes the real Point-of-Sale –and annoying checkout queues are gone! Scan – Pay & Go. After a successful purchase rapitag can be removed easily. The devices remain in the store at any time and offer a high theft protection to the trader.

Room W-1.10 


Spyra (Proto-Support Program)

Super Soaker was in 1990: Sprya is building the water pistol of the future. Our Spyra One does not shoot a continuous stream, but a single burst of water – accurate, but completely safe. Water battles are not just for children anymore. In summer, 2018 we launch the Spyra One on Kickstarter.

Room W-1.07

UrmO (Proto-Support Program)

More than ever the society of the 21st century is characterized by the rising need for mobility. This refers not only to commuters, but spans from visits to the fair, to family excursions, or to other leisure activities. With the production of a revolutionary vehicle, we will redefine mobility. High-tech materials and a highly compact design enable to us to produce a light, electric, mini-vehicle suitable for everyday life. Our product is the answer to the mobility questions of the future.

Room W-1.18

BabyRoo (Proto-Support Program)

BabyRoo is a smart baby growth monitor that helps parents track their baby's development and detect any failure to thrive or growth pathology by  measuring and calculating the baby's most important growth indicators – weight, height, head circumference and BMI – without any human intervention. BabyRoo consists of a load pad for scaling the baby’s weight, a smart camera & control unit for measuring the head circumference and length. The data is seamlessly collected by the mobile app, and displayed in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand manner. The smart camera allows parents to view their baby at any given time and place, using their smartphones.

Room W-1.11

Mcubus (Proto-Support Program)

3D-printing still is quite complex and expensive. Mcubus wants to change that, by leveraging innovative technologies to bring a better user experience to the end users. 3D-printing will be enhanced through ease-of-use and by bringing down costs of running a 3D-printer. The first product will enable the customer to produce their own filament on their own and on demand: The Re-Fila.

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feastr (Proto-Support Program)

feastr is your digital nutritional adviser who provides a weekly healthy, individual and targeted food plan. Our innovative shopping list including the service of delivery makes your purchase incredibly easy. Whether your goal is to gain weight, lose weight or just to eat tasty food. Our app adapts itself to everyone.

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Pioniernetz (Proto-Support Program)

The Private Netzkopplung enables the sharing of excessive generated solar energy with other neighborhood households. The exchange of the energy does not occur over the public system, but through a private line, so there is no cost for the usage of a 3rd party network. Therefore, the producer can achieve a higher profit compared to the regulated feed-in tariffs and the customer receives real renewable energy for a lower price than through his energy provider.

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Veomo (EXIST-Support Program) 

We are convinced that the transition to the new mobility is essential for livable and sustainable cities. Therefore, we create awareness for alternative mobility solutions and simplify the access to mobility information. Mobily.Me is the real-time visualization software for the Mobility 4.0.

Veomo provides real-time information on available mobility on large monitors and thus offers a modern service, reduces car parking spaces and promotes sustainability.